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Time line The 19th Century
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1789Absolute Monarchy in Sweden
1792Gustav III Is Murdered
1803Replacement Reform in Scania
1804Arnt´s Swedish Journey
1805The Battle at Trafalgar
1805Sweden´s First Railway in Höganäs
1807The English Bombs Copenhagen
1808War Between Sweden and Russia. Sweden Loses Finland
1809Absolute Monarchy Is Abolished in Sweden
1810Bernadotte Arrives in Helsingborg
1810Christian August dies in Kvidinge
1811Peasant Rebellion in Scania
1812Molbech in Scania
1814Sweden and Norway in Union
1815The Vienna Congress
1826H. C. Andersen at School in Elsinor
1828The First Steamboat line Copenhagen-Malmø
1829Tegnér and Oehlenschläger in Lund
1835Helsingborg´s New Harbour
1845Scandinavistic Meeting in Copenhagen
1847Öresundsposten Is Founded
1848The Communist Manifest
1849Absolute Monarchy Is Abolished in Denmark
1851World Fair In London
1853The Crimean War starts
1853Petter Olsson Starts Corn Company in Helsingborg
1857The Sound Duty Is Abolished
1858The Ramlösa-Meeting
1859Marienlyst Seaside Hotel Is Opened
1860Karl XV and Frederik VII in Ljungbyhed
1862Sofiero Is Built
1864The North Railway Copenhagen-Hillerød-Elsinore
1865Railway Connection to Helsingborg
1870The Unification of Germany
1872Nordic Art and Industrial Exhibition in Copenhagen
1873Scandinavian Monetary Union
1877Sweden´s First Horse Tram in Helsingborg
1881August Palm Starts his Agitation in Malmö
1882Elsinore Shipyard Is Founded
1887The Newspaper ”Arbetet” Is Founded
1891Helsingborg´s Rubber Factory Is Founded
1892Sweden´s First Train Ferry in the Elsinore-Helsingborg Line
1897The Coast Railway Is Opened
1899The New Lighthouse of Kullen
1903Industrial Exhibition in Helsingborg
1907Industrial Exhibition in Lund
1910The First Aeroplane over the Sound
1914The Three Kings´ Meeting in Malmö
1914The First World War

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