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Time line The 16th Century
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1500Michelangelos Pietá in the S:t Peters Church
1508Luther becomes Professor in Wittenberg
1512Copernicus new picture of the world
1513Christian II King of Denmark
1519Zwingli starts the reformation in Switzerland
1520The Bloodbath in StockholmThe Bloodbath in Stockholm
1523The End of the Kalmar UnionThe Kalmar Union
1527Reformation in Sweden
1529Malmoe becomes a lutheran town
1536The Reformation realized in Denmark
1546Tycho Brahe was bornChildhood
1550Christian III´s Danish Bible
1559Frederik II King of Denmark
1560Erik XIV King of Sweden
1563The Great nordic-seven-year WarAggressive Kings
1570The Peace in Stettin
1572Tycho Brahe and the Stella Nova
1576Tycho Brahe to VenUraniborg in Ven
1582The Inauguration of KronborgThe Inauguration of Kronborg
1588Christian IV, King of Denmark
1597Tycho Brahe leaves VenTycho Brahe leaves Ven

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