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Time line 1900-1940
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1891Helsingborg´s Rubber Factory Is Founded
1892Den första svenska tågfärjan på H-H - linjen
1897The Coast Railway Is Opened
1903Industrial Exhibition in Helsingborg
1903Ellehammer flies
1907Industrial Exhibition in Lund
1910The First Aeroplane over the Sound
1914The Three Kings´ Meeting in Malmö
1914The Three Kings´ Meeting in Malmö
1915Thulins Aviation Industry
1916Mine Blockade in the Sound
1917The Russian Revolution
1918The First World War Ends
1919Peder Christensen mayor in Elsinore
1924Bulltofta Airport Is Opened
1925Kastrup Airport Is Opened
1935Tretorn starts a Factory in Elsinore
1936The Spanish Civil War
1939Compulsory Passports in the North
1940Denmark Is Occupied by German Troops.

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