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Time line The 17th Century
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1603Skakespeares Hamlet
1611Gustav II Adolf King in Sweden
1611The Calmar War Starts
1613The Peace in Knäred
1618The Thirty-Year-War
1625Denmark in the 30 years War
1626The New Frederiksborgs Castle
1630Sweden in the 30 Years War
1643The Torstensson- and the Horn War begins
1645The Peace in Brömsebro
1648The Peace in Westfalen
1648Frederik III King in Denmark
1654Kristina abdicates and Karl X Gustav Becomes king of Sweden
1657The Karl Gustav War begins
1658The Peace in Roskilde
1658The Peace in Roskilde
1660Buxtehude Moves from Helsingborg to Elsinore
1660The Peace in Copenhagen
1660Despotism in Denmark
1662The Malmö recess
1668Lund´s University Is Opened
1670Christian V King in Denmark
1672Karl XI King in Sweden
1675The Greenwich Observatory founded
1675The Scanian War begins
1676The Coup in Loshult
1678Ole Römer tells the speed of light
1679The Peace in Lund
1680Despotism in Sweden
1680Johan Gyllenstierna Dies
1682Halleys komet
1683Swedish Law in Introduced in Scania
1688The Glorious Revolution i England
1695State Hymn Book in Sweden
1697Karl XII King in Sweden

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