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A built in runic stone in Hällestad´s Church in Scania. This illuminates the transition between the Viking Age and the Christian Middle Ages.
This age is also the transition to historic age in the North, when we have written sources on fates and folktales.
The many rune stones in the Sound region testify to the lingual and cultural community in the area in the Viking Age.
In the beginning of the period the expansion, which was typical of the Viking Age, ended. Instead an age with new cultivations and new settlements in communities started.
The central power was developed. Here the magnates as well as the church and the king were involved. Usually they cooperated, but there were also conflicts.
The magnates as well as the king supported the building of churches and monasteries. These enormous investments strengthened the position of the church. The architecture and the murals were marked by the Roman style. In the end of the period the Gothic style became prevalent and certain Christian perceptions changed.

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